Fate woke me up one night

She held my hand, led me to a clinic

Its was an abortion clinic

A baby was killed there that night

Fate showed me her future

She was to be the first female American President

Her life’s path was never realised

I wept her loss

Fate woke me up one night

Led me to a gay underground club

There was a little boy on sale in that club

The bidding was high

It seemed everyone wanted to ‘pluck his cherry’

He got sick is what he did

Died in pain two years later

After buying his father a fur coat and prada boots

He was meant to be the first influential head of the United Nations

Bringing peace to the Middle East

Like the little girl, his life path was never realised

I wept his loss

Many more times she woke me up

Tears in her eyes

Bruises on her wrists

Blisters on her fingers

She showed me life paths unrealised

Saviors lost, murderers created and nurtured

Dreams shattered

On our last meeting

She shed her tears

Showed me her carefully laid plans

Her hard work

life paths filled with prosperity and love

Often interrupted

With little or no remorse

By mankind, who can be so unkind

With little or no remorse

Shaking the world off its axis

Adding to her burden

Disregarding her input, quashing that inner voice

Bringing out really mankind

The savages we are