An immigrants prayer


Lord cure me of jealousy,
The jealousy I feel when they say they are taking a drive home.
Lord cure me of whimsy,
That makes me daydream of seeing my family.
Lord cure me of resentment,
Of working holidays because I have no one to spend them with.
Lord cure me of vulnerability,
Of wanting to hold on to mediocre advantage takers and users.
Lord give me the strength,
To hold on to my roots and morals.
Lord give me the hope,
That one day I will feel grounded.
Lord give me purpose,
Which gives me focus and determination.
Lord give me peace,
To know I count, I belong and I count.


Remembering good days

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This summer I established a footing in my career
This summer I took a step to make it a profession
This summer I bought furniture from a real store
With delivery and setup
This summer I paid off my car and kept full coverage insurance
This summer I said no and slept with a clear conscience
This summer I took my first vacation and wasn’t broke after
This summer I let go and enjoyed being independent
This summer I realized I could do it without outside validation
This summer I will never forget
I met my grown up self, and liked her

Winging it




I have compassion for others

Pity sometimes really

Secretly sighing in relief

“Thank heavens that’s not me!”

I admire human tenacity

Just prefer not having to be tenacious

Due to my noted fragility

Watched myself and others sidestep landmines

While others walked right into live ammunition

Tripped over anthills

While swearing they where mountains

We all muddle our way though

Not saying I am incompetent

Far from it!

Just stating that like the first man who walked this earth,

I make it up as i go along

I am a staunch believer in the school of life

What I know I have experienced

Life lessons ingrained in my psyche

Shaping my character like a river on  rough terrain

Telling my story, making it folk lore

Giving that future acheologist

A dig of a lifetime!

Life Story


I have demons calling my name

Scholars of years past

Pondering places been

Imbeciles of days present

Relishing in pleasures lived

Cowards of years to come

Scared and cowering

Needing direction

Motivation and ambition

I have demons calling my name

And no way of knowing

How to respond and save my sane.



Fate is full of surprises;

Sometimes she just jumps you in the alley,

Robs you of your valuables.

Other times;

She lets you win the lottery.

And boy what a treat that is!!!



You sneaky bastard!

Is it me


“Lou Lou skip to my lou,  Lou Lou skip to my Lou,  Lou Lou skip to my lou, skip to my lou my darling.”

I find these words disconcerting.

“I lost my partner what shall I do?”

Maybe proceed to the loo by yourself. The last time i checked it was a solitary activity.

“I lost my partner what shall i do?”

Suspicious indeed.

“Skip to my loo my darling.”

Yes, go along. Skip on to the loo my friend.

“I found another one better than you.”

Whoa, stop the presses. What?

“I found another one better than  you.”

Is anyone else hearing this?

“I found another one better than you.”

Stop the madness.

“Skip to my loo my darling.”

No! Stop that innocent child!

Maybe its just me but this sounds to me like a pedophiles creed. I sang this song with great abandon as a child but hearing my niece sing it took me aback while i deciphered the obscure meaning behind it. Maybe  I am a blundering idiot seeing spies where there are non but i think the author of this song is an evil genius pedophile who went to his grave a happy man.

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