Encore of my Life


Why did I come?

I am not sure

Why an old mask?

Maybe I am insecure

I have lost a friend and now chasing a shadow

Next I will be talking to ghosts

And communing with spirits

Now to say my hellos, and goodbyes

I feel his eyes on me

Flights of fancy

I imagine slate gray eyes

On a dead pan face behind a phantom mask

I could swear I feel those eyes caressing me

Making me instantly glow behind my intricate mask

It’s time to go, I cannot take this wishing

While I turn, tears in my eyes, you step up to me

Arm drawn out like I belong to thee

As though on cue , the waltz takes off for you

My mind hesitates

But my traitorous body has already fit itself to you

Flawlessly, like lingerie to a harlot’s hips

The world subsides and it’s just you and me

There will be hell to pay but I rest my head on your shoulder anyway

Between us, there is no arms length

Propriety be damned I need a memory to take home with me

I breath in, but wait a minute could it be?

Full of wonder and confusion as you say that name you have for me

Said with  a reverence and wonder that make me want it to be

Making short work of your mask and mine

Looking at me your noisy eyes speaking volumes

How could I not know? How could I not see?

You shatter my life by tying me to thee

For an extended moment I am floating on a cloud of ecstasy

The silence in the room pulls the blanket from under me

I beseech the world to open up and swallow me

The shock and disapproval

Such displays are simply not done

As I hide my face in your shirt wanting to crawl underneath you cloak

You step up without missing a beat

“Although its been long in coming

I am a happy man as you all can see

I am proud to present you future Queen,

My wife if she will have me!”

My world has stopped

Life is so unreal!

Would destiny give me my friend and my mate

Wrapped in dashing phantom

Surely for a homely lass such as me?

If the crowd has a say, I guess she did!


Last Good Place


For the Thursday poetry award I nominate: http://dustus.wordpress.com



They say Africa is the last good place

I agree

A threat to no one

But itself

To the sufficiencies of others

A playground to the rich

A petri dish to sample new diseases

Cafeteria for new drugs

A cesspool of exiled morons

A retreat to the intellectual genius

A trip anywhere else is a vacation

To Africa, a humanitarian effort

Or the new celebrity pundit,”revisiting my roots.”

“Getting in touch with the motherland.”

Africa: The last good place

The only child of a western one night stand

Still a pre teen, Still under our thumb

But when she matures?



I am looking

Looking for the perfect place

A place to rest my heels

A place to plant my roots

I started at the birthplace of mankind

But the coup after drought after epidemic

My delicate sensibilities was overcrowded by insecurities

Hopped the red-eye to the land of opportunities

With the opportunity to be shot by the drive by

Maybe fight in a senseless war

Being as I am not really a blood person

I figured I would scurry on down to Europe

Be sophisticated if you may

Bougie anyone?

Apparently i am not made for sophistication

Comes at too high a price for me

Drugs and bulimia

Snootieness and utter absurdity

Not for me

Now I am here with Sheik Akbar

Trying to see if maybe its less hectic here

Here there is no color coding of levels of danger

Or the hectic burden to go to war

Here you see, I have less problems

I live next to an oil well

Human Outcry


I am calling out to the United Nations

To unite and save my nation

To arise and place a motion

To summarize this whole condition

At sunrise finally take action

In my eyes we are past discussion

I can’t deny on them its hard to rely

On matters benign they give much credence

Passing rules soon disregarded and overruled

Superpowers never checking their powers

Their arms races ready to stop me in my paces

The help I am trying to employ to a world we cannot destroy.

Piggy Back


We all piggy back on so called good ideas

One regular came up with world peace

Boy am I glad we piggy backed that bad boy

My complexion was not made for war

One idiot came up with the nuclear bomb

Of course we jumped on it

What is better than a bomb to end all humanity?

Boys and their toys

Oh, and don’t forget the dental floss panties

Not just for the ladies anymore

I can see Mr. Inventor of G-string shudder when the boys floss past him


Piggy backed, endorsed, under written and marketed

I keep thinking of the skeleton

All the flesh around it decomposed

But the two D cup silicon bags good as new resting on the rib cage

Or drilling for oil in the middle of the ocean

Brilliant! Just ask BP

Putting Osama Bin Laden as a frequent flyer in your advertisement

Only British Airways can do that

What will the British do next? Such jesters they are!

I am looking forward to the next fad

So I can piggy back on it

I just hope it is intellectually sound

Sad State Of Affairs


A sad state of affairs was when
A blind man was appointed
To be the lookout
A deaf man was asked
To hear the people’s cries
The one who couldn’t speak
The people’s spokes person
Who better to express the people’s feeling
The charismatic invisible man
The one man we all look up to
To represent the people.
A sad state of affairs
Wouldn’t you agree?
Ah! politicians they do know what is best
Especially for us mere citizens
Where would we be without them.