Colors Of Life


Does blue represent the tears

Of a mother on lonely road

Having left her newborn child on a church doorstep

Or does it represent hope

The continuity of life

Life water flowing from the mountain top to the river

River to the sea

Sea to the sky

Sky back down to the mountaintop and back again

What about the tale of red?

Ripped from our veins

A color of a beautiful tragedy


Unparalleled romance

That little red dress always did trump the little black dress


But you have to salute green

With whom mother nature preens

A disguise, signature

Shroud of flair

Her mating call

Her badge of honor

If I had a flag, it would be red, blue and green

Red because I am the tragedy the world lives to hear about

Adorably scandulous!

Blue for the flow that is my ever changing circumstance

Green because I always achieve, overcome and attain.


Encore of my Life


Why did I come?

I am not sure

Why an old mask?

Maybe I am insecure

I have lost a friend and now chasing a shadow

Next I will be talking to ghosts

And communing with spirits

Now to say my hellos, and goodbyes

I feel his eyes on me

Flights of fancy

I imagine slate gray eyes

On a dead pan face behind a phantom mask

I could swear I feel those eyes caressing me

Making me instantly glow behind my intricate mask

It’s time to go, I cannot take this wishing

While I turn, tears in my eyes, you step up to me

Arm drawn out like I belong to thee

As though on cue , the waltz takes off for you

My mind hesitates

But my traitorous body has already fit itself to you

Flawlessly, like lingerie to a harlot’s hips

The world subsides and it’s just you and me

There will be hell to pay but I rest my head on your shoulder anyway

Between us, there is no arms length

Propriety be damned I need a memory to take home with me

I breath in, but wait a minute could it be?

Full of wonder and confusion as you say that name you have for me

Said with  a reverence and wonder that make me want it to be

Making short work of your mask and mine

Looking at me your noisy eyes speaking volumes

How could I not know? How could I not see?

You shatter my life by tying me to thee

For an extended moment I am floating on a cloud of ecstasy

The silence in the room pulls the blanket from under me

I beseech the world to open up and swallow me

The shock and disapproval

Such displays are simply not done

As I hide my face in your shirt wanting to crawl underneath you cloak

You step up without missing a beat

“Although its been long in coming

I am a happy man as you all can see

I am proud to present you future Queen,

My wife if she will have me!”

My world has stopped

Life is so unreal!

Would destiny give me my friend and my mate

Wrapped in dashing phantom

Surely for a homely lass such as me?

If the crowd has a say, I guess she did!

Her ignorance is not his bliss


With a bittersweet smile he gazed at me

Looking like he had something he had to say to me

In my mind I wondered who his girl would be

This friend of mine who is the best there can be

Flesh and blood and loyal to a fault

If I were a man and he a lady, I would court him so.


I look at her, perfect as can be

I look at her and wonder what could be

I look at her and need to say

“Have you ever known that your plus one

Is the one?

Have you ever wanted to walk into a room

with her on your arm?

Have you ever wanted someone so much

It left a bruise on your heart?

Have you ever held the love of your whole life in your arms

Knowing you had to let go?

Hoping for a sign, a nod, an acknowledgement

With non forthcoming!

Have you ever had to sit back

While others threw their hats in the ring

While in your heart of hearts

You know that between you and she

It was meant to be

Have you ever wanted to be the sparkle in your person’s eye

See your face in your love’s child

Because I have, I do every day!”


With fleeting sadness and sorrow only I could see on his face

He proceeds to laugh of my heartfelt dismay!

“I am the rake of rakes, i would not know of such nonesense

My heart belongs to only you my love”

Was he serious ?

I don’t know

But why were his lips curved but his eyes so sad?

Looking like a man of acute illness of amore

Utterly perplexed I asked my friend

For there is no secrets between us

“Who is this lady holder of your heart?”

I would go and plead his case

Or petition for his heart release

Surely she must be ignorant not knowing she denies him his bliss

Even before my phantom there was always him

No red blooded woman could help but love him it seems.

Have you ever woken up


thank you Jingle…an honor. You make my week. Get well soon, Stay well forever.

Have you ever woken up

Wanting and needing to hold that shirt

The one that still has that scent of your father

From ten years ago

Because you love him

Have you ever woken up

Needing to wrap your self in that shawl

While craving that signature dish

That only your mother can make

Because you love her

Have you ever woken up

Needing to talk to your childhood friend

So you can relieve your carefree days

Resist reality for another day

Because you love her

Have you ever woken up

Got out of bed because you had to

Gone to you dead end job because you need to

Paid all your own bills and felt proud to

Full time school and work so we can get where we need to

Because you love them all.

I call this my Edna Piece


When I counted my blessings

You were one of them

When I counted my loved ones

You were among them

When I whispered a prayer

You were in it

When I closed my eyes to go to sleep

You were the last thing on my mind

When I woke up I knew

You are special to me

I miss you chickie.

Human Outcry


I am calling out to the United Nations

To unite and save my nation

To arise and place a motion

To summarize this whole condition

At sunrise finally take action

In my eyes we are past discussion

I can’t deny on them its hard to rely

On matters benign they give much credence

Passing rules soon disregarded and overruled

Superpowers never checking their powers

Their arms races ready to stop me in my paces

The help I am trying to employ to a world we cannot destroy.

My smile investment


I bought a smile today

“In this economy?” you may say

You see, with this smile all my chips lay

Value it more than my stocks from Frito Lay

So please excuse me if you may

For this smile I believe I did pay

Collect my returns as it brightens up my day

The sunshine it portrays illuminates my way

So to reiterate I must say

Buying this smile was following in the genius way

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