An immigrants prayer


Lord cure me of jealousy,
The jealousy I feel when they say they are taking a drive home.
Lord cure me of whimsy,
That makes me daydream of seeing my family.
Lord cure me of resentment,
Of working holidays because I have no one to spend them with.
Lord cure me of vulnerability,
Of wanting to hold on to mediocre advantage takers and users.
Lord give me the strength,
To hold on to my roots and morals.
Lord give me the hope,
That one day I will feel grounded.
Lord give me purpose,
Which gives me focus and determination.
Lord give me peace,
To know I count, I belong and I count.


A letter to the Children



I hear there is one every so many minutes,
Millions of potential born every day,
Just wanted to let you that you are not a number,
You are special to me and I love you,
I heard of you and smiled all day,
The thought of you just made my day,
Made me wish I could fly your way,
Hold your beautiful face in my arms and have the world at bay,
You have come to us,
A blessing sorely needed,
Through every burp and poop and throw up,
We love you,
Love you more than life,
We will forget to tell you,
This is the one thing you can take for granted,
We love you,
I love you,
With all my heart.


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Sometimes in life we smile and bear it,
Avalanche after snowstorm after agony after torment,
Other times we can’t contain it,
Victory after blessing after joys after accolades

After life beating you down while you grin and bear it,
We may over celebrate little victories in the most inappropriate of ways,
Hooting and hollering and dancing even the occasional,
“In your face!”
We relish these victories.

Forget to be incapacitated by the daunting losses,
Unaware of a valid excuse to give up and walk away,
Forgive egregious wrongs,
And the villains who commit these crimes.

While folding like a cheap suit,
At a minor inconvenience,
Making those around us,
Perplex at our lack of rhyme or reason.

How do I forgive the man you broke my heart,
Never again talk to the man who broke my china,
How do I forgive the woman who stabbed me in the back,
Never again acknowledge the friend who ate the last slice of pizza?

Only lesson I have learned in my short long life,
Is to value what you have,
Acknowledge what you have achieved,
Love the one who loves you best.

Remembering good days

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This summer I established a footing in my career
This summer I took a step to make it a profession
This summer I bought furniture from a real store
With delivery and setup
This summer I paid off my car and kept full coverage insurance
This summer I said no and slept with a clear conscience
This summer I took my first vacation and wasn’t broke after
This summer I let go and enjoyed being independent
This summer I realized I could do it without outside validation
This summer I will never forget
I met my grown up self, and liked her

Another step


As I welcome another year,
A good friend asked me what my plans were,
No big celebration came to mind,
Letting go crossed my mind,
Letting go of old hurts and grudges,
Letting go of past mistakes and judgements,
Letting go of of selfish wants and demands,
Welcoming new opportunities and joys,
Starting new chapters and making new memories,
Forging new friendships and making new memories.
Clean slate.
As I walk into this new year,
Clean slate.

Winging it




I have compassion for others

Pity sometimes really

Secretly sighing in relief

“Thank heavens that’s not me!”

I admire human tenacity

Just prefer not having to be tenacious

Due to my noted fragility

Watched myself and others sidestep landmines

While others walked right into live ammunition

Tripped over anthills

While swearing they where mountains

We all muddle our way though

Not saying I am incompetent

Far from it!

Just stating that like the first man who walked this earth,

I make it up as i go along

I am a staunch believer in the school of life

What I know I have experienced

Life lessons ingrained in my psyche

Shaping my character like a river onĀ  rough terrain

Telling my story, making it folk lore

Giving that future acheologist

A dig of a lifetime!

A Boding Adage To a Father of a small Nation


I know him as sokoro
My father’s father
Husband to granma, granma, granma and granma
A force to be reckoned with
Inspiring figure to aspire to
Instilled the character in every one of his children
I know, I inherited it
Standing tall, our beacon in tragedy and misfortune
Fountain of praise, support and wisdom
Never forceful, just classically persuasive
The island of calm in every situation
I have watched the years etch your story on your face
Rarely falter but never fall
Independent and fierce buna e simba
With your gaze to the horizon
Visualizing your rest
We cannot begrudge you
Like a soldier, shoulders back
With Anunda swagger in your stride
We all stand in applause
A never ending encore
You are my personal legend, sokoro, Chancellor, Omogaka
Francis Anunda Anunda

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