A letter to the Children



I hear there is one every so many minutes,
Millions of potential born every day,
Just wanted to let you that you are not a number,
You are special to me and I love you,
I heard of you and smiled all day,
The thought of you just made my day,
Made me wish I could fly your way,
Hold your beautiful face in my arms and have the world at bay,
You have come to us,
A blessing sorely needed,
Through every burp and poop and throw up,
We love you,
Love you more than life,
We will forget to tell you,
This is the one thing you can take for granted,
We love you,
I love you,
With all my heart.


Another step


As I welcome another year,
A good friend asked me what my plans were,
No big celebration came to mind,
Letting go crossed my mind,
Letting go of old hurts and grudges,
Letting go of past mistakes and judgements,
Letting go of of selfish wants and demands,
Welcoming new opportunities and joys,
Starting new chapters and making new memories,
Forging new friendships and making new memories.
Clean slate.
As I walk into this new year,
Clean slate.

A Boding Adage To a Father of a small Nation


I know him as sokoro
My father’s father
Husband to granma, granma, granma and granma
A force to be reckoned with
Inspiring figure to aspire to
Instilled the character in every one of his children
I know, I inherited it
Standing tall, our beacon in tragedy and misfortune
Fountain of praise, support and wisdom
Never forceful, just classically persuasive
The island of calm in every situation
I have watched the years etch your story on your face
Rarely falter but never fall
Independent and fierce buna e simba
With your gaze to the horizon
Visualizing your rest
We cannot begrudge you
Like a soldier, shoulders back
With Anunda swagger in your stride
We all stand in applause
A never ending encore
You are my personal legend, sokoro, Chancellor, Omogaka
Francis Anunda Anunda



I am a survivor,

I have lived my life,

Strode my stride,

Made  a lot of noise but not of what is important,

Been silent of all that is,

Now I fear my silence may cost another,

Who finds herself astride without a father,

We are not a family of hugs and kisses,

We are one of disappointments and tragedies,

We will ridicule you before we comfort you,

Look at how you embarrass us before your heartbreak,

I need to reach out but I don’t know how,

God take care of my sister,

Send her my angel to watch her while she sleeps,

Send her Gabriel to fight her battles,

Broaden her archangel’s wings for those days she doubts herself,

Let her know I love her,

For I am not sure she can hear me.

Is it me


“Lou Lou skip to my lou,  Lou Lou skip to my Lou,  Lou Lou skip to my lou, skip to my lou my darling.”

I find these words disconcerting.

“I lost my partner what shall I do?”

Maybe proceed to the loo by yourself. The last time i checked it was a solitary activity.

“I lost my partner what shall i do?”

Suspicious indeed.

“Skip to my loo my darling.”

Yes, go along. Skip on to the loo my friend.

“I found another one better than you.”

Whoa, stop the presses. What?

“I found another one better than  you.”

Is anyone else hearing this?

“I found another one better than you.”

Stop the madness.

“Skip to my loo my darling.”

No! Stop that innocent child!

Maybe its just me but this sounds to me like a pedophiles creed. I sang this song with great abandon as a child but hearing my niece sing it took me aback while i deciphered the obscure meaning behind it. Maybe  I am a blundering idiot seeing spies where there are non but i think the author of this song is an evil genius pedophile who went to his grave a happy man.

I needed a hug


Today I needed a hug

Looked up tears in my eyes

Lump in my throat

Hoping someone would see me


I held out my arms

Asked, no begged for a hug

You passed by


Like I was a pothole on the highway


I let the tears fall

Got hold of your shirt and sobbed

Hoping you would hold me

You pushed me away

I felt like a stray today


I tried getting a hold of you

Ended up hugging myself instead

I hope i’m fine now

But next time hold me

I may not always make it, on my own

He is a Man!


It’s an old story

He hit her

Beat her down

Maybe to assert his masculinity

I mean, what makes you a man like beating a woman?

Show them who is boss

Kick them while they are down

And do it in front of your children so they can know their place

She cowered

Deep in her corner

Reiterated her pain

Reiterated her shame

It’s a familiar story

His litter has failed him

Maybe if he invests in his second litter?

Surely his genes will pan out?!

I am confused

What does your litter’s personal success

Have to do with your personal failures?

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