I walk into this ballroom

Unsure and uncertain

My last chance to unabashedly hold you

Last call at my favorite tavern

Masked ball of intricate proportions

Dimmed lamps for maximum misbehavior

A steamy, torrid affair really

Every Duke Duchess Lord and Lady worth their salts

Donned in jewels worth their weight in gold

Preening and contemptuous

As royalty should be

Mothers hunting me down with their school room escapees

Trying to end my bachelor days

Not knowing in my heart I have been married to you three years to the day

Standing at the balcony eagerly awaiting your arrival

Composed and stately with a condescending air

An effective facade as I watch many a chit swoon in fear

I see your carriage and my heart jerks in my chest

Casually I melt into the crowd and don my phantom facade

Tonight I am on a mission

With my heart on my sleeve

It’s you and me

The boisterous noise fades away

Wrapping me in an illusion of simply me and you

I hear the trot and fear that the waltz is upon me

I glimpse you again, fleeting thought, why so forlorn?

You look up eagerly and I fancy that you feel my eyes on you

My confidence shakes and I make sure my mask is in place

I loose sight of you and I stammer, Where are you?

There you are intricate mask from dances past

Deja vu has my arms aching