I have compassion for others

Pity sometimes really

Secretly sighing in relief

“Thank heavens that’s not me!”

I admire human tenacity

Just prefer not having to be tenacious

Due to my noted fragility

Watched myself and others sidestep landmines

While others walked right into live ammunition

Tripped over anthills

While swearing they where mountains

We all muddle our way though

Not saying I am incompetent

Far from it!

Just stating that like the first man who walked this earth,

I make it up as i go along

I am a staunch believer in the school of life

What I know I have experienced

Life lessons ingrained in my psyche

Shaping my character like a river onĀ  rough terrain

Telling my story, making it folk lore

Giving that future acheologist

A dig of a lifetime!