Elaborate Gestures

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I can promise you baby,

No candles, no chocolates.

No roses or daisies,

No expensive dinner,

Or elaborate cuisine.

Just all my heart,

In the shabby package in comes in.

S o as we sit on this old couch,

and i rub your feet,

Keep in mind,

With you here,

I have everything I will ever need.


My 50th dance at our Weekly Ball


I have been asked to dance

For the 50th time

A silver jubilee you may say

Among new friends

Who hear my special beat

They have stopped by my doorstep

And I theirs

Loved my work

Just as I loved theirs

As I accept your extended arm

And classic bow

Please appreciate my classic curtsy

And pretty blush

E very week you see

I find it amazing that you seek me

life’s wonders


thank you again, u r awesome!

Hello employer

I am checking in to earn my keep

But hello?

What is this?

Is this a wash station where i park my stallion?

Are you trying to tell me I am not fresh?

I apologize, I did not know!

Alas I will refresh

Take that extra step to be your success.

Have you ever woken up


thank you Jingle…an honor. You make my week. Get well soon, Stay well forever.

Have you ever woken up

Wanting and needing to hold that shirt

The one that still has that scent of your father

From ten years ago

Because you love him

Have you ever woken up

Needing to wrap your self in that shawl

While craving that signature dish

That only your mother can make

Because you love her

Have you ever woken up

Needing to talk to your childhood friend

So you can relieve your carefree days

Resist reality for another day

Because you love her

Have you ever woken up

Got out of bed because you had to

Gone to you dead end job because you need to

Paid all your own bills and felt proud to

Full time school and work so we can get where we need to

Because you love them all.

My Backyard


thank you jingle…i am so honored! Thank you everyone for showing your support.

The world is fascinated by my backyard

The hot springs that warm my hot tubs

The Rift Valley my landscape

Mountains galore with and some without caps

Craters with Lakes

The nile, my aisle

Carries me to Majestic Victoria

Sahara, a desert so vast, to visit is a must

My property line the equator

My household pets, The Big Five

Ellie the elephant, whose majesty is all i want

Simba the lion, who stands for more than Zion

Ray the rhino, looks as if to ask what we know

Hannah the hippo, her swagger stating she knows what we know

Gerald the giraffe, always proper, nature’s butler

Yes I am bragging

Watching your smug air sagging

All the weapons, computers, cars and oil spills galore

Cannot get you my backyard

Humbled – Staggered to my Knees


I accept this honor with humility and I nominate suzicate

I am humbled

Staggered to my knees

That they saw fit to not just read

But honor my writings

A little girl

Knee high to a grasshopper

Full of words

Others saw fit to pass forward

I am humbled

Staggered to my knees

That a no one like me

Warranted the honor of someone like you.