I remember when I left you your arms

A giggling mess of mass hysteria

Behind a flawless facade of impeccable decorum

Swooning and acting like a complete¬† simpleton simply won’t do

Holding onto the whimsical moments

When my life, the earth and time stood still to acknowledge you

Bidding adieu and a tout a lheur

With a pleasant smile and a curtsy

I feel your eyes on me, willing me to look back

Every step away from you is a crime against nature

My heart breaks a little more with every footfall in the wrong direction

My carriage awaits me, as it should

At the edge of this crime scene

Cool nods, footmen and footstools later

The ridiculous affair of arranging me in my carriage

God forbid the crease is out of place or the lace lays wrong

In this pitch black ride

It’s just not done!

Like an orphan child at Christmas

I want to press my powdered nose to the carriage window

Maybe get a glance of you

Instead I sit here, head high, back straight, shoulders back

Like a sentry one would state; Society dictates

No slumping young lady! It’s just not done

The closer I get to my Golden tower

The more ridiculous my inner turmoil seems

Surely weakness of the flesh is beneath me

Such a common affliction

Surely I will let this pass

This ridiculous flight of fancy

…”will I ever see you again?”