Does blue represent the tears

Of a mother on lonely road

Having left her newborn child on a church doorstep

Or does it represent hope

The continuity of life

Life water flowing from the mountain top to the river

River to the sea

Sea to the sky

Sky back down to the mountaintop and back again

What about the tale of red?

Ripped from our veins

A color of a beautiful tragedy


Unparalleled romance

That little red dress always did trump the little black dress


But you have to salute green

With whom mother nature preens

A disguise, signature

Shroud of flair

Her mating call

Her badge of honor

If I had a flag, it would be red, blue and green

Red because I am the tragedy the world lives to hear about

Adorably scandulous!

Blue for the flow that is my ever changing circumstance

Green because I always achieve, overcome and attain.