Last Good Place


For the Thursday poetry award I nominate:



They say Africa is the last good place

I agree

A threat to no one

But itself

To the sufficiencies of others

A playground to the rich

A petri dish to sample new diseases

Cafeteria for new drugs

A cesspool of exiled morons

A retreat to the intellectual genius

A trip anywhere else is a vacation

To Africa, a humanitarian effort

Or the new celebrity pundit,”revisiting my roots.”

“Getting in touch with the motherland.”

Africa: The last good place

The only child of a western one night stand

Still a pre teen, Still under our thumb

But when she matures?


My Backyard


thank you jingle…i am so honored! Thank you everyone for showing your support.

The world is fascinated by my backyard

The hot springs that warm my hot tubs

The Rift Valley my landscape

Mountains galore with and some without caps

Craters with Lakes

The nile, my aisle

Carries me to Majestic Victoria

Sahara, a desert so vast, to visit is a must

My property line the equator

My household pets, The Big Five

Ellie the elephant, whose majesty is all i want

Simba the lion, who stands for more than Zion

Ray the rhino, looks as if to ask what we know

Hannah the hippo, her swagger stating she knows what we know

Gerald the giraffe, always proper, nature’s butler

Yes I am bragging

Watching your smug air sagging

All the weapons, computers, cars and oil spills galore

Cannot get you my backyard

i was critical, but shakira did Africa justice