It was a regular day

Nothing spectacular really about it

And then you came to see me

Changing any ordinary day to an extraordinary experience

On this day you took a pause when you saw me

Paused like you were awed by me

Hugged me a little longer than necessary

Drank me in like ten-year old wine

And in the middle of this special day

You held me in your arms

Cupped my cheeks in your hands

Got real close and breathed my breath

I waited for the kiss that was sure to come

But you stood there

Me on my tiptoes

Reaching up to you

Hips to my hips

Chest to my breast

Mouth slightly open

And the world stopped

Took a little pause

Celebrated what we have

Took a collective sigh of applause

It was the change that made my day a special day

That special three-minute pause