I have incidents that make up my life. I will share these incidents. I will exaggerate, obsess and wallow in my self righteousness because it’s my space, my release and my medium. Some of these are your stories, I will tell them in a first person voice. Let’s get started.

She is my everything. The reason I wake up in the morning. I didn’t know what to expect or even conjure up. She is perfect. Unfortunately she is also mine.

I get home expecting a hero’s welcome every day. I get disappointed almost every day. She has me hooked on those blue moon days when she comes full speed ahead at me with her chunky cheeks jiggling, dimples dimpling and arms wide open. Sometimes she will acknowledge me by raising her face up from her iPad (stop judging me) other times she won’t even twitch. Once I asked her for a hug. The gave me the Heisman and said, “no thank you.” I slinked into my room and sobbed pathetically into my pillow for two minutes. ( because she is almost two) then I realized she used that short phrase in context! My baby is a bonafied genius who is fiercely independent. I am raising the next Einstein.