Let me explain why the soft and supple curve of my hip is not affected by the rigid stance of your opinion

Or why the smile on my face doesn’t waver due to the scowl you wield like a light saber 

Better yet why your huffing and puffing never has me out or breath

Why your opinion on my life choices, though shouted from the mountain tops has never changed the stripes on this tiger

Let me explain why you are a non factor when you dedicate the small factor that is your life to my existence 

Why your petty competition with Yourself lacks a participant in me

It is because I now understand you, you humor me and I love you

I don’t want you to change but in your rigidity, let happiness find you

Let disappointment motivate but never bind you

Look forward to and revel in the best version of you

Because in my usual fashion I will wallow in my soft curves, peculiar and wayward ways