So I wanted a distraction
Something fun, light, uplifting
No Strings Attached madness
Someone to laugh with me
Make me giggle
Someone to touch and be touched
Someone with who it couldn’t work
But we can sure enjoy the hiatus
Hiatus from reality
Then I learned you have a personality
Your quirks, hurts and joys
More stubborn than I am
Slowly I seem to want you more than you want me
When you hurt, I hurt
When I sleep I dream of you beside me
Security blanket i never needed before
While I know where I stand
I don’t want to want you like I do
I don’t know where you stand
When you grab me, hold me close
My world stops
I get weak not just in my knees
When I am away from you I am thinking of you
Yet I realize for you it may be out of sight out of mind
Then you say the sweetest sweet nothings
God forbid I respond and poof…You are gone
I want to be rid of the longing
Want of be rid of you
Then you smile at me
Grab me like only you do
Kiss me and steal my breath
Stop playing with me
I surrender
Walk away please
I confess, I cannot walk away from you.