I know him as sokoro
My father’s father
Husband to granma, granma, granma and granma
A force to be reckoned with
Inspiring figure to aspire to
Instilled the character in every one of his children
I know, I inherited it
Standing tall, our beacon in tragedy and misfortune
Fountain of praise, support and wisdom
Never forceful, just classically persuasive
The island of calm in every situation
I have watched the years etch your story on your face
Rarely falter but never fall
Independent and fierce buna e simba
With your gaze to the horizon
Visualizing your rest
We cannot begrudge you
Like a soldier, shoulders back
With Anunda swagger in your stride
We all stand in applause
A never ending encore
You are my personal legend, sokoro, Chancellor, Omogaka
Francis Anunda Anunda