Hello Utopia,

It’s me again,

Still buck toothed and pigeon toed,

I listened when you said I would find you in a relationship,

That was not for me,

Checking in and being considerate, gives me hives.

I listened when you hinted at monetary intercourse,

So i burned through my saving account,

I guess i was right, money can’t buy me jack!

I paid attention when you said you were in the intellectual pursuit,

Diploma after Degree and Accolade after Honor,

An intelligent misfit,

I am starting to think you are eluding me,

Playing with my emotions,

Seducing me like a siren to a pirate ship,

Leading straight to the rocks!

I am moving on now,

I have met contentment,

Who lets me appreciate my eccentricities,

My neighbors issues,

And my cock eyed grocer.

I am content.