You sneaky bastard!


Hello Utopia


Hello Utopia,

It’s me again,

Still buck toothed and pigeon toed,

I listened when you said I would find you in a relationship,

That was not for me,

Checking in and being considerate, gives me hives.

I listened when you hinted at monetary intercourse,

So i burned through my saving account,

I guess i was right, money can’t buy me jack!

I paid attention when you said you were in the intellectual pursuit,

Diploma after Degree and Accolade after Honor,

An intelligent misfit,

I am starting to think you are eluding me,

Playing with my emotions,

Seducing me like a siren to a pirate ship,

Leading straight to the rocks!

I am moving on now,

I have met contentment,

Who lets me appreciate my eccentricities,

My neighbors issues,

And my cock eyed grocer.

I am content.

Is it me


“Lou Lou skip to my lou,  Lou Lou skip to my Lou,  Lou Lou skip to my lou, skip to my lou my darling.”

I find these words disconcerting.

“I lost my partner what shall I do?”

Maybe proceed to the loo by yourself. The last time i checked it was a solitary activity.

“I lost my partner what shall i do?”

Suspicious indeed.

“Skip to my loo my darling.”

Yes, go along. Skip on to the loo my friend.

“I found another one better than you.”

Whoa, stop the presses. What?

“I found another one better than  you.”

Is anyone else hearing this?

“I found another one better than you.”

Stop the madness.

“Skip to my loo my darling.”

No! Stop that innocent child!

Maybe its just me but this sounds to me like a pedophiles creed. I sang this song with great abandon as a child but hearing my niece sing it took me aback while i deciphered the obscure meaning behind it. Maybe  I am a blundering idiot seeing spies where there are non but i think the author of this song is an evil genius pedophile who went to his grave a happy man.