I needed a hug


Today I needed a hug

Looked up tears in my eyes

Lump in my throat

Hoping someone would see me


I held out my arms

Asked, no begged for a hug

You passed by


Like I was a pothole on the highway


I let the tears fall

Got hold of your shirt and sobbed

Hoping you would hold me

You pushed me away

I felt like a stray today


I tried getting a hold of you

Ended up hugging myself instead

I hope i’m fine now

But next time hold me

I may not always make it, on my own


Sunshine After Rain


I was dancing in the rain yesterday
Boy, had I had such a day
I said a prayer for which I may have to pay
I ask forgiveness surely if I may
What I had had, was a taxing day
Filled up thick with clouds so grey
A window opened up within this grey
And out of it spilled the proverbial sun ray
Down on me and only me I must say
Coloured me so bright my mood had to obey
As I lifted up my face up to the sun ray
It widened and brightened causing such a display
All I can say about my darling Sunray
Sure as there is Jesus
There is sunshine after rain

Self Indulgance


I like to think myself an artist

Words my medium

Inspired by flights of fancy

Writing in a rhythm; Like dancing

Going through mellow lows and explosive highs

Most of the time even I don’t know what I have to say

So feel free to enjoy my many a canvass

And please feel free to excuse my eccentricities

Three Minute Pause


It was a regular day

Nothing spectacular really about it

And then you came to see me

Changing any ordinary day to an extraordinary experience

On this day you took a pause when you saw me

Paused like you were awed by me

Hugged me a little longer than necessary

Drank me in like ten-year old wine

And in the middle of this special day

You held me in your arms

Cupped my cheeks in your hands

Got real close and breathed my breath

I waited for the kiss that was sure to come

But you stood there

Me on my tiptoes

Reaching up to you

Hips to my hips

Chest to my breast

Mouth slightly open

And the world stopped

Took a little pause

Celebrated what we have

Took a collective sigh of applause

It was the change that made my day a special day

That special three-minute pause

He is a Man!


It’s an old story

He hit her

Beat her down

Maybe to assert his masculinity

I mean, what makes you a man like beating a woman?

Show them who is boss

Kick them while they are down

And do it in front of your children so they can know their place

She cowered

Deep in her corner

Reiterated her pain

Reiterated her shame

It’s a familiar story

His litter has failed him

Maybe if he invests in his second litter?

Surely his genes will pan out?!

I am confused

What does your litter’s personal success

Have to do with your personal failures?