With a bittersweet smile he gazed at me

Looking like he had something he had to say to me

In my mind I wondered who his girl would be

This friend of mine who is the best there can be

Flesh and blood and loyal to a fault

If I were a man and he a lady, I would court him so.


I look at her, perfect as can be

I look at her and wonder what could be

I look at her and need to say

“Have you ever known that your plus one

Is the one?

Have you ever wanted to walk into a room

with her on your arm?

Have you ever wanted someone so much

It left a bruise on your heart?

Have you ever held the love of your whole life in your arms

Knowing you had to let go?

Hoping for a sign, a nod, an acknowledgement

With non forthcoming!

Have you ever had to sit back

While others threw their hats in the ring

While in your heart of hearts

You know that between you and she

It was meant to be

Have you ever wanted to be the sparkle in your person’s eye

See your face in your love’s child

Because I have, I do every day!”


With fleeting sadness and sorrow only I could see on his face

He proceeds to laugh of my heartfelt dismay!

“I am the rake of rakes, i would not know of such nonesense

My heart belongs to only you my love”

Was he serious ?

I don’t know

But why were his lips curved but his eyes so sad?

Looking like a man of acute illness of amore

Utterly perplexed I asked my friend

For there is no secrets between us

“Who is this lady holder of your heart?”

I would go and plead his case

Or petition for his heart release

Surely she must be ignorant not knowing she denies him his bliss

Even before my phantom there was always him

No red blooded woman could help but love him it seems.