I swear I am at my wit’s end

Suitors patrolling the revolving door that is the dowry coffers

Like sharks sniffing out bleeding prey

Interrupting the gentle monotony that is my existence

As I am primed and prodded

Padded and powdered

For another tea

With another madam

God forbid I declare my preference to read

Maybe sit for a sip of sherry and a lively rapport

About politics no less

Oh, but it’s just not done

The highlight of my day

A dear childhood friend

Dashing specimen of masculinity

Who lets me laugh from the belly, curse and sip sherry

Argue my point, roll me eyes and be friendly

He regaled me with tales of his escapades and adventures

Lies to me about how special it would have been, had I been

Today though, I do not hang on his every word

His presence makes my mind wonder to another man

A special someone

A phantom of sorts

My one dance phantom

Distracted I ask

As only he I can ask

Have you ever met someone who ruins your life

By making you feel alive

Wrecks havoc on your life

With an effort not worth two pence

Have you ever lived a moment

That turns out to be your defining moment?