I am looking

Looking for the perfect place

A place to rest my heels

A place to plant my roots

I started at the birthplace of mankind

But the coup after drought after epidemic

My delicate sensibilities was overcrowded by insecurities

Hopped the red-eye to the land of opportunities

With the opportunity to be shot by the drive by

Maybe fight in a senseless war

Being as I am not really a blood person

I figured I would scurry on down to Europe

Be sophisticated if you may

Bougie anyone?

Apparently i am not made for sophistication

Comes at too high a price for me

Drugs and bulimia

Snootieness and utter absurdity

Not for me

Now I am here with Sheik Akbar

Trying to see if maybe its less hectic here

Here there is no color coding of levels of danger

Or the hectic burden to go to war

Here you see, I have less problems

I live next to an oil well