We all piggy back on so called good ideas

One regular came up with world peace

Boy am I glad we piggy backed that bad boy

My complexion was not made for war

One idiot came up with the nuclear bomb

Of course we jumped on it

What is better than a bomb to end all humanity?

Boys and their toys

Oh, and don’t forget the dental floss panties

Not just for the ladies anymore

I can see Mr. Inventor of G-string shudder when the boys floss past him


Piggy backed, endorsed, under written and marketed

I keep thinking of the skeleton

All the flesh around it decomposed

But the two D cup silicon bags good as new resting on the rib cage

Or drilling for oil in the middle of the ocean

Brilliant! Just ask BP

Putting Osama Bin Laden as a frequent flyer in your advertisement

Only British Airways can do that

What will the British do next? Such jesters they are!

I am looking forward to the next fad

So I can piggy back on it

I just hope it is intellectually sound