As I sit here basking in the Rift Valley sun

Glistening from river basin water

My hot tub, natural hot springs

My companions, the graceful flamingo with its haughty one legged pause

The shy hippo, massive always lolly gagging in the banks

I have to watch out for that rascal croc, always trying to take a bite of my brown skin

I am deceptively still, waiting for my chance to rob a peacock

A special quill, for a lovers missive

Ink ground from the flowers littering my continent long playground

Sustenance offered by the Nile, the river of Pharaohs

And I mule over how to express to my heart desire

That my love you are my heart’s desire

Thompson’s gazelle does the most natural ballet across my horizon

In my musings I wonder if he knows Thompson has claimed him

I climb the jacaranda tree to find the banana leaves i dried to write on

Just in time to swipe it before that pesky giraffe starts nibbling on it

The sun, unamused by my disregard if its glorious light show on my beautiful skin

Threatens to set behind Kilimanjaro, where my love would fetch fresh water for our illicit trysts

Natural springs, ai, memories!

So as the sun goes on strike and I am forced up the Mugumo tree

I call onto my V12 ride, and with my chimp like grace hop on his back

He knows the way home, as i recall, an elephant never forgets

Through the Savannah he takes me

A safari fit for royalty

As we reach our destination, my disgruntled ride reaches up with his massive trunk and shakes me awake

Off his back I scramble and up my tree, to count my stars

A million night lights from the gods, a tribute to my known cowardice

Now to pen down my lovers missive

Let him know his back yard is still here, he can still come home

Here he is welcome, mama Africa never forsakes.