Old Friends


I met an old friend today

“Oh my god!” was all I could say

Standing there looking at me

Like there is no one in the world but you and me

Gazing at me with a half smile on his sinful lips

While I stared back, wiping my sweaty palms on my hips

Dewey eyes with that telltale glint

Complimented by my “Deer in headlights clear the path i am about to sprint” look

As he took what I can only term as a determined step

I turned to run but of course stumbled into a mistep

As i was hoping the sidewalk would engulf me

Guess who has to catch me

“Oh hi there, how have you been?”

Said like he was the person I was hoping to have seen.


My smile investment


I bought a smile today

“In this economy?” you may say

You see, with this smile all my chips lay

Value it more than my stocks from Frito Lay

So please excuse me if you may

For this smile I believe I did pay

Collect my returns as it brightens up my day

The sunshine it portrays illuminates my way

So to reiterate I must say

Buying this smile was following in the genius way

Oh dear


The wishing well

By the wisteria

The anticipation

Causing hysteria

The husband

Wishing to cure his chlamydia

Beautiful wife

Reliving his friend Sophia

Like a sister to him

So dear

So sad about that AIDS scare

Thank god just chlamydia

Beautiful girl with discerning morals

Of a drive through or public washateria.



Takes mistakes

To raise the stakes

After learning what’s at stake

We learn to avoid silly mistakes

To think one perfect is to be fallible

If each experience is a drop, how long to fill the lake

In flattery we like to bask

Pompous like an old country rake

Smiling as we lay in the thorny beds we make

Surely we need reinvention for sanity’s sake.



Regrets are like hair

Everyone’s got it

Doesn’t matter how much you wax, trim, thread

Shave, pluck or electrolyze

Those sneaky bastard will sneak up somewhere

Usually at a most inopportune time

And those sneaky one’s you never seem to get

Miss one here and there

But like hair you can control it

Mow the lawn, trim the hedges

You gotta know your lawn

Learn from it

To make something of it.

Chasing Fantasies

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Staring into the abyss

Wanting the unexcited

Wishing for the non existant

Retiring the cumbersome

Revising the most handsome

Reinventing all that is awesome

Addicted to dancing in starlight

Striving, working to make it all right

Reminiscing, never regretting this twilight

With a bow, closing your chapter with emphasis.

The What?

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The disappointment of disillusionment

The anxiety of not knowing

The dissatisfaction of not getting

The realisation of shortcomings

The acceptance of not getting

The work of the unforgiving

The jading of the forever willing

The fading of resilience

The back-peddling of the belligerent

The making of life

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