You See


I haven’t told anyone you see

But I fear I am my parents daughter you see

I am scared because mama’s story is a tragedy you see

I was born by superwoman you see

I fancy myself to have her powers you see

Self confidence, sassyness and the ability to conquer adversity you see

The self-confidence that made you want to know her

And the smile that made you in awe of her

I remember the days of the black velvet heel mama

The sassyness that was your black heel step

When I looked up to you in adoration because to me you walked on water

Do you remember when I fought for you?

When I wrote letters to the senate declaring my alliance to you?

When I was ready to face the firing squad than be without you.

When I was taken away from you but you came back, gave up your soul to be with me.

Papa is your kryptonite you see

The only one who could and did make you mortal you see

Now I stare at a bitter mortal woman

One I fear I have no use for you see

Hollow eyes and bitter lips

You never fight for me anymore

Instead every day you remind me you see

Remind me of what I have lost and what i could be

For all I have is a memory to aspire to

No one to support me

As I step into the pitfalls of womanhood

I wonder in fear you see

Are my superpowers an elaborate ruse?

Am I having papa’s delusions of grandeur

Am I a one hit wonder

Am I you mama?

I am scared you see

With both you and my beloved papa in my blood,

Am I my own Kryptonite?

I miss my mother, I don’t see her or talk to her often enough.


Hello world!

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I believe this intellect is unprecedented…that is my opinion…i was raised in Kenya where there are no apologies…only my opinion counts and if you don’t like it, well, bugger off.