Stick with me

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I heard what a supportive relationship sounds like

It wasn’t holding a grenade for the other

Grand gestures

Or even expensive gifts

It was soft promises

Backed with action

The cultivation of the quiet confidence

Quiet confidence of a secure partner

The comfort to disagree with respect

To debate without argument

To laugh at ones self and each other without malice

The ability to expect everything from the other

Because you give everything for them

It is when someone says ,”stick with me, I’ll show you the world.”

And they do.

Just keep trucking

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Sometimes it’s small victories that make you smile,
And you celebrate inappropriately with hoots and hollers,
Other times small disappointments make you give up,
Pack it all up and never look back,
Amazing that what should be a debilitating blow so easily shaken off,
Because you don’t recognize the excuse to quit.

Then you get that major victory,
A milestone of the centuries,
Not even a smile crosses your lips,
The collateral damage has deemed it obsolete,
Does this still count as a victory,
What did you give up to get here?

Life is not a mystery,
It’s a journey,
Pick who you travel with,
Take care of those who take care of you,
Love only one,
The one who loves you best.

The Cry of an ailing soul

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Have you ever been stripped of your right to yourself

The right to make your own choices

The right to make choices about your child

The voice to say your feelings

Have you?

Does the burden of others cause a sentence for you

Is the warden a family member

I have been advised to quit school

Skip that vacation

Place my child in a cheaper facility

Be grateful for the floor

Get a break by creating a break for others

I have ultimately decided to put mine and myself before all else.

One sided spark

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A few of my friends and I are back in the dating dog scene. For some, relationship imploded, some looked up from their career and where lonely and a few, we’ll, they never left.

A story that broke my heart is the ultimate ghost. I will tell you this story but keep in mind I am not sure what lesson is to be learned. I couldn’t even support her through it because I was dumbfounded.

As the story goes, girl meets boy, boy asks girl out, girl meets boy and they zing. Or so she thought.

Boy asks girl our second time and they hang out. Easy conversation with future plans and boy inserting himself in girl’s future plans. Girl leaves for the night, gets a sweet goodnight text and is enjoying new prospect bliss.

Girl wakes up to ,” I really enjoyed my time with you and we can be friends but I am not ready for a relationship.” Girl is confused. Bring the friend I am like ,”plenty of fish in the sea, forget his ass!” But my friend is crushed and doubting HERSELF!!! We got her. We will see her through this. My question is, was it necessary to even get her to “this”?! What lesson is she supposed to learn from this?

Becoming a Woman

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Today I saw my sister become a woman

She has had a hard couple of years

Felt powerless and burdened

Felt like she was screaming into the abyss

Violated and misunderstood

Curtailed and suffocated

Well, she made a stand

She understood that her stand would have repercussions

She took it anyway

I promised to stand by her

I hope it’s enough

In my family, taking a stand may be construed as betrayal

The fall out can drown you

Tomorrow we will see what kind of woman we have unleashed

Dear dad

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I’m glad you are resting

It’s been a hard two years

I’m in awe of your footprint

It’s been a memorable sixty years

I’m amazed by your stamina

It’s your strength that filled this audience

I’m often in good spirits

It’s your good cheer we all remember

I’m never alone

It’s your loyalty we can all attest to

I’m jealous of those who have gone before me

It’s your style to lead the way

I’m comforted by your strength

It’s the tools you gave me that will carry me through,


Your daughter,

A woman forged by a formidable father.

Feeling just so

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Ever had the kind of day

Your hips are curving just right

Swinging just so

Waistline dippin like oh my

Skin glowing like the Lord intended

Lips so plump you can’t help pouting

Spirit so high you feel yourself floating

Hair an organized kind of messy

And your aura so mystical

It has you guessing?

Well I am.

Just today though.

Who knows how tomorrow will approach my ego

Musings of a restless soul

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Sometimes I wish for that sweep me off my feet romance

Make me dizzy when you smile so nice

Look at me like a candy bar

The look that feels like a sin

Make me giggle like a schoolgirl

Although I’m too old for that

Put that skip in my step

Make me absent minded

But at the end of the day

Give me the flower of my womb

Let me cuddle my spunky little flower

That’s what I need

Thank you

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Thank you for being there

Thank you for being present

To every dad, not just the fathers

Thank you for raising a child

Thank you for the hugs and the love

To every man that shouldered the role

Thank you for stepping up

Thank you for being our rock

To my good friend who is now a dad

Thank you for what you have done

Thank you for everything you are about to do

To all those dads that weren’t sure how

Thank you for doing what you do

Thank you, we appreciate you.



In Case of Emergency

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Recently I shook hands with my mortality

I have never thought myself immortal

I however, never considered myself

Particularly mortal

Funny how everyone around me

My care team

Took the time to report on my youth

“But you are so young!”

Yet I feel so mortal

But I have a daughter

A life to shape!!!

Important business to conduct!

I am busy for at least two more decades

He just stood there, shrugged his shoulders and muttered under his breath

“I don’t know what to tell ya kid”

Now we are at a stalemate

I’m walking on eggshells

Waiting for mortality to pull the rug from under me

He always wins, the bastard!

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