Musings of a restless soul

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Sometimes I wish for that sweep me off my feet romance

Make me dizzy when you smile so nice

Look at me like a candy bar

The look that feels like a sin

Make me giggle like a schoolgirl

Although I’m too old for that

Put that skip in my step

Make me absent minded

But at the end of the day

Give me the flower of my womb

Let me cuddle my spunky little flower

That’s what I need


Thank you

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Thank you for being there

Thank you for being present

To every dad, not just the fathers

Thank you for raising a child

Thank you for the hugs and the love

To every man that shouldered the role

Thank you for stepping up

Thank you for being our rock

To my good friend who is now a dad

Thank you for what you have done

Thank you for everything you are about to do

To all those dads that weren’t sure how

Thank you for doing what you do

Thank you, we appreciate you.



In Case of Emergency

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Recently I shook hands with my mortality

I have never thought myself immortal

I however, never considered myself

Particularly mortal

Funny how everyone around me

My care team

Took the time to report on my youth

“But you are so young!”

Yet I feel so mortal

But I have a daughter

I life to shape!!!

Important business to conduct!

I am busy for at least two decades

He just stood there, shrugged his shoulders and muttered under his breath

“I don’t know what to tell ya kid”

Now we are at a stalemate

I’m walking on eggshells

Waiting for mortality to pull the rug from me

He always wins, the bastard!


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Sometimes a person needs to scream

Sometimes a person needs to listen

Sometimes a person needs to speak

Most times a person needs to forgive

And let live

Random thoughts

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As I sit here

On the bus going somewhere

I catch a glimpse of the one

When you see her you’ll know which one

With the curves that influence life changes

Break oaths and the tone of the ages

The one who makes sane men

Change life as we know it with a stroke of the pen

The kind of woman that influences matches

Inspires picketers and rioters

Starts movements and becomes an icon

I saw her today

She was at the bus stop waiting

Beware of Don McGill Toyota!!!

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Life is like a city

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Most folks want to live on the upper east side

Complete with valet parking and butlers

Most can only afford public housing

Where you park your car at your own risk

We are conditioned to aspire to the midtown condos

Concierge trash pickup

Without the let me get your door butler service

We can visit all these sides of town

As long as we take the right road

Sometimes we need good friends

To remind us we are visiting 

Not staying long

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